BACKGROUND: A newly purchased one family house located next to the Weeksville Heritage Center has an issue with basement flooding during rainstorms, needs an upgrade to a stairway from the first floor to the garden and some low maintenance plantings   

UTILITY: Through a determination of the most flood prone areas in the garden, we were able to allow water to drain through the base of a trunk of an old cut down tree and out into a french drain running the entire length of the front of the garden. This design completely mitigated flooding of the basement and allowed for some water to be stored during storms for greater efficiency irrigating the garden.

AMENITY: Cutting the downspout and allowing water to run through a copper handrail into the garden allows for a more personal and transparent expression of the movement of rain from the roof to the garden.  The copper will patina green to create a nice contrast overlaying the graying cedar fence.  

EDUCATION: The client has been kind enough to open up her home to the community association which is located directly next door.  Community members can experience the impact rainwater can have on the design of a small residential garden.