Greenwood Robinson strives to provide high quality design and installation landscape services while promoting sustainable practices. Founded in 2010, the company has grown along the industry to become a vital part of a network of sustainable landscape business operating in New York City. By working in both the public and private realms, these practices create more efficient strategies in the design and logistics phase of a project and become realized when applied during the building phase.

Valuing communication and education, the company prioritizes a hands on tactile approach to each project. Skills are shared between all facets of the scope of work between an experienced team of designers and builders using an intuitive building process conveyed to the client in a practical and efficient manner. Costs can be reduced through the extension of this network as materials once considered waste are implemented as valuable additions to other projects. The implementation of simple, low tech solutions combined with high end creative design are a signature of Greenwood Robinson landscapes.

The company has worked alongside job training programs such as Green City Force on NYCHA Urban Farms in Harlem, Friends of the High Line on Community Gardens in the Bronx as well as numerous private developments in Brooklyn. Greenwood Robinson was the first company to install rain gardens along the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn, managing over 100,000 gallons of potential combined sewer overflow and remediating over 5,000 sq ft of contamined soil after strategically removing large swaths of concrete from the site.

Greenwood Robinson is proud to have collaborated with the following institutions, organizations and companies.