Green Building, Gowanus, Brooklyn

BACKGROUND: Located next to the Gowanus Canal, rainfall from this entire block flows into a sewer grate that runs directly into the water body during heavy storms, carrying chemical run off from an asphalt and concrete surface.

UTILITY: Rooftop and on site rainwater cleansing and combined sewer flow mitigation is achieved through a cut out / conversion of an impervious concrete surface to plantable space with an adjacent river rock basin.   

AMENITY: Functioning as a wedding and event space, rainwater mitigation is achieved while providing an ornamental outdoor gardens space featuring native grass and swamp cypress species. Invertebrate production is increased and additional commercial space becomes utilized.  

EDUCATION: Working with local job training non profit Green City Force, the project provided fifteen trainees with an opportunity to learn first hand the mutual benefits of efficient rainwater usage with ecosystem development.