community in parks greenhouses

BACKGROUND: Community Parks Initiative is an investment in neighborhood parks with the greatest needs. Friends of the High Line and NYC Parks Department partner to build a series of community greenhouses in Community Gardens in the Melrose neighborhood of the South Bronx.

UTILITY: These greenhouses, built in three separate community garden sites, serve the function of propagation rooms, to extend the growing season and assist with the production of both edible and ornamental plant production. The architecture and design of the structures lends itself to function, with a self referential approach to the interactive process while walking through the greenhouses. This is fulfilled by breaking the space into adjustable and modular propagation tables with a small bench and coat rack. 

AMENITY: White oak sourced from amish farms in upstate new york and yellow pine reclaimed from NYC buildings is combined with polycarbonite to create a classic structure with a modern touch. Reclaimed windows and temperature sensitive self opening vented windows complete the hybridized approach, refining the style of the contemporary greenhouse of the new small scale public park.